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Ирина Мамаева - С дебильным лицом

Автор: Ирина Мамаева
Название: С дебильным лицом
Жанр: Современная проза
You have the look of my dreams the most pretty face. My name is Yannis and I am 41 years old and 1.80 m tall. I am living in Athens, in Greece. My first profession is underwater archaeologist (I spent more than 10 years excavating ancient shipwrecks, studying the finds and expose to the museums) but I have also my own business (importing luxuary swiss watches). I love the sea, travelling and discovering interesting new people, places and cultures. I need communication like fish need the water. I am leo of sign (born the 15 of August). I wish to know more about you and your life there. Do you know Greece? Нave you ever been here? I hope one day you will accept my invitation and give me the opportunity to be your guide here. I am sending you a couple of my photos.


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